I don’t want to count calories, but damn – I think it’s necessary…😱

During this summer, I’ve started eating more Whole Foods Plant Based(WFPB), but the weight loss I thought was gonna happen so fast has barely moved this time. I have no idea why, but since this past few weeks since we bought a new scale I think I know the answer. And I hate it. TheContinue reading “I don’t want to count calories, but damn – I think it’s necessary…😱”

Cats and dogs are carnivores and should never be fed otherwise. Period!

If you feed a carnivore like a dog or cat a vegan diet, it might seem healthy, but how long will it last and why? Would you get the same or better results feeding raw, and when is lab-grown meat coming to save the day?

More about vegan terminology…

It is not okay to harass people for calling themselves vegan if they choose the lifestyle for different reasons than only for the animals. Start accepting those who take the leap to go vegan and spread love instead of hate FFS! It all starts with what you put on your plate…

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