Ze Blog

This is a funny blog. Or at least I try to write every single post with some humorist twist. I write about technology in some form, mainly. Stuff online, like social media (mainly Google+ and Google’s creations), WordPress, web hosts, smart phones and in the future I’ll probably also write about games and coding (php, c#, C++ & .NET). I’ve also recently started writing posts about veganism in some shape or form. That seems to be a popular subject and I thank all of those who like my posts and follow my blog via the WordPress.com Reader!

I update whenever I have something worthy of writing. Generally in the past, that’s about once every 3 months or so, but I plan to blog more often than that.

Comments are the gifts to bloggers and also the salary sometimes. I absolutely love getting comments, and especially if they’re made here on the blog below the post.

So give me all ze comments right meow!


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